(Sound Designer)

A Spatial Experience Based on the Intersection of Architecture and Media Arts

The Exhibition which we designed for HAS Mimarlık is online from 3 November to 13 November. 

A selection of HAS Architects’ projects is presented in a performance that blends digital technology with spatial design, forming a synthesis between the past and the present within the magical atmosphere of the historical Single-Dome Hall of the Imperial Arsenal.

Taking the Single-Dome Hall as the focal point, the exhibition uses contemporary interpretations to alternate between old and new, whole and fragment, real and virtual, balanced and unbalanced states. Notions of time and space become blurred and the exhibition surrounds the visitors, offering them an unusual spatial experience.

Prima Materia
(Sound Designer)

Prima materia, as he first element, the ubiquitous starting material required for the alchemical processes reveal transmutations of our times.

The matter of all forms create various transmutations, attached to laboratory processes, form and color changes in 3d, used as a model for the individuation process, and as a device in art and technology. 

That pure matter, exist in nature, is converted to other imperfect bodies that it interacts with is rediscovered and brought by art and technology. 

This project is presented in the framework of the Europen Digital Art and Science Network and co-funded by the Creative Europe program of the European Union.

(Sound Designer)

IPOcle is an installation simulating the way we perceive the reality that exist in our physical world and the various layers, variables, cycles that are present in this process of perceiving. With the senses that we have, we can perceive only a limited portion of the physical reality that surrounds us. This perceived physicality keeps altering as it goes through many layers and processes (biological and psychological) in our brains. These perceptions draw our perceptual schemas and these schemas in turn shape the reality we perceive. Our perceptions and what we perceive, therefore, constantly reshape call each other into being, as in a vicious cycle. At this point, how can we define what reality really is, what constant can we refer to, and aren’t we supposed to look at this issue in a more holistic and intertwined manner?

The IPOCle is made of a strong light source, lenses, a convex mirror, a fog machine and a sound system; installed inside a dark container. The light source is located so that the goes through the lenses, hung one after another. The refracted light reaches the mirror. The convex mirror transforms the light and reflects it back. The fog machine keeps running to make the dispersed light visible for us; while a base frequency keeps running in the background.

The light and the light source describe physical reality and input.
The lenses: The process and various factors of perception.
The mirror: What is perceived, the output and the cycle.

(Sound Designer)

Projection mapping with NOHlab and Nerdworking. Performed in Weimar, Germany.

(Sound Designer)

An audio-visual theatre play. Visuals by NOHlab. Performed in Utrecht, the Netherlands.


Audiovisual Maping Performance. Commisioned by Prague Sperm Festival - Borusan Music House